International Students


Kritiikki is a member of ISHA-Turku. Kritiikki’s person responsible for ISHA-Turku is Leon Miller ( You can be in touch with them conserning any questions about events for international students.

ISHA-Turku introduction: International Students of History Association (ISHA) is a non-governmental organization which aims to provide an international forum and a channel of discussion for students of history and related sciences. Its main goal is to create interaction between people and thus bring about intellectual conversation and debate. More on:

Events, information and social media

Kritiikki ry organizes various events during the year. We have sitz parties, wine and beer tastings, annual ball, and of course non-alcoholic events, such as game nights or visits to museums. We inform our members about upcoming events by email and on social media.

Here you can enroll to our email-list. The list is the most important information channel for us.

Kritiikki ry has an Instagram account (@kritiikki) and a Facebook-page (@Kritiikki ry). There will be information about events and other current topics in our social media accounts.


Kritiikki ry’s events are mostly for members only. Only members can also buy black cloaks, our equivalent for the overalls. But no worries, joining is easy and can be done at any time of the year! The membership fee is 30 € and it is paid only once, so there is no need to buy the fee every year of your studies. Members of Kritiikki ry become automatically members of Hol (Historian Opiskelijain liitto) and ISHA Turku (International Students of History Association).

Payment instructions 
PayeeKritiikki ry
Account numberFI32 4713 0010 0100 49
Reference number1070
Price30 €

After you have paid the membership fee, send email to our secretary Leevi Jääskeläinen ( and tell your full name, address, email-address and phone number. The information is required for membership register and they are handled confidentially.

Other activities

Kritiikki ry publishes a magazine four times a year.